Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bobo and the Bluffs

Today was great. We walked the trail properly name the "Walk of the Gods." We got packed into a bus like a can of sardines on our way to Agerola from Amalfi and I never sat down because I so kindly let Tim sit down instead of me ;) When we first started, we metbour little tour guide, Bobo, that walked the entire way with us. When wr first met him, he nearly got hit by a car. He moved just in the knick of time, although I think it brushed him. He was the sweetest looking little dog with a curly tail that you could ever see. We thought his owner called him, but she could have been talking to another dog. Either way, Bobo, who had that name woven into his collar so it could have been a brand name, followed us.

We saw the most beautiful cliffs and contrasts of the mountains and water. At one point, we saw about thirty goats with a herder dog. Bobo was very interested. At that point, I was in front and I turned the corner to find all these goats with bells around their necks. It was awesome! There was a goat that ran the other direction and got separated from the pack. We heard them do what we thought was calling to find eachother. I felt bad for it, but it should have followed the rules ;)

It was so cool to be so high up. Now when I think back, I understan how the trail got its name. It truely was like you were a God looking through the heavens at the world below. It was about 5-6 miles of pure beauty. I loved it even though I got a farmer's burn.

There were these lizards all over and Bobo kept chasing them. It was so cute. We passed some other people and one couple even had a dog, that Bobo sniffed but it didn't seem to like him, that he could have gone with, but he stuck with us. Sometimes, he would walk away from the path and we would try to leave him stealthily so he would go back home. Just when we thought we had lost him, he popped into sight and took his position as the guide in the front. He marked his trail, probably so that he could go back home, if you know what I mean.

Tim decided that he wanted a certain picture so he went off the trail onto some rocks that mom told me not to go on. If he made one wrong move, it would bye bye Tim forever. Needless to say, mom wasn't very amused and refused to take a video of it.

When we came to the 1,500 stairs, that we thought were all the stairs on the entire trail combined, it was like it wouldn't end. I found it easier to go quickly because if the momentum. When I stopped, I could feel my legs shaking. Mom and I left Tim in the dust. Poor Tim! When we got to the bottom, I realized it was the end. I had thought it was only the halfway point! Boy was I wrong!

We waited for about an hour for the bus that seemed like it would never come. Bobo was still with us. While waiting, I took the cutest pictures of him. When the bus came, Bobo put a paw on the steps (I don't remember seeing it but mom told me) as if he wanted to come. Tim said that the driver made a joke saying that Bobo couldn't get on because he didn't have a ticket. When the doors closed, Bobo gave us a look saying "Why won't you take me?". I felt so bad!!! I wish we could have taken him, but I guess he has a mommy out their somewhere. And, he walked the trails like he ha done it before. Anytime we say Bobo or call our dogs that, which we do, I will think of our little tour guide and wonder if he got home safely.

Cappuccino number 67.

Beach in Maiori.

Skipping rocks on the Gulf of Napoli.



Mom and Gab in Maiori

Bobo, our little buddy - miss him already!

Gab and Tim on the Walk of the Gods

Walk of the Gods

View from the hike - Walk of the Gods

Bobo hiking

Bobo spotted the goats first!

Bobo, the goat-herder, and the goats

This one got away from the herd.

View from the hike.

View from the hike.

View from the hike.

Beginning of the hike.

Gab and Bobo ready to start!

Pooped already!

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The goats.

Stand off - Bobo vs. the goat-herder!

The lizard that got away!

Island viewed from the hike.

Only 1103 more stairs to go!!!

View of Positano from the bus stop at the end of the hike.

Bobo taking a siesta after the hike.



More Positano.

And more...

Sunset from Salerno.

Gab's farmer's burn.


  1. Wow! What a view and love Bobo. Are you bringining him back to US?

    1. We loved Bobo too! We really hope he made it back home. He definitely wasn't a stray. He had a collar on and was well-fed. If we had found him and thought he was homeless, we probably would have skipped the Paris/Amsterdam leg of our trip, taken him to Germany, and figured out how to get him home from there. He was so cute, so sweet and really our little buddy! We will miss the little guy!