Friday, April 13, 2012

Germany and Home

      On Friday we went to a pool.  We went down slides and swam.  The wave pool was the best! When a wave came, I could jump up and grab the wall that was probably 3.5-4 feet high.  They had big columns of ice and it was fun to see how long I could hug it and then touch Mom and Tim with my cold hands.  It was a really nice day.

      On the Saturday before Easter, Sue gave us a guided tour of Weil Der Stadt, the city in which they live.  It's a medieval town and you can tell by some of the dates in a cemetery we went to.  Some of the dates of old grave stones embedded in a wall were from the 1600s.  It was very cool!  We also saw a church and a market.

      Easter in Germany was delightful.  We spent it with Sue and Mo, who we were staying with, and their German friends.  We had grilled ribs, salmon, shrimp, and squash.  The shrimp were peel-and-eat, but I didn't know so I stuck the whole thing in my mouth!  Then Mom told me and I spit it out.  Well, I learned how to eat peel-and-eat shrimp that day.  Then, we got to see some of Mo's patented moves and listened to some good music.

     On Monday, we visited the concentration camp Dachau on our way to Oberammergau.  It was so sad!  The words on the gate were in German, but in English they read "work will set you free" which was obviously misleading to the new-comers and sadly untrue.  We went into one of the barracks which wasn't original because they were all torn down.  It was hard to imagine that at one point, 400 people shared a room in the barracks that at that point held 1,600 people.  When we went to to the gas chamber, that wasn't for mass murders, but only a few at a time, it was just so sad.  there were fake shower spouts that made the people think that they were getting showers.  They had a waiting room so the people didn't know what would happen to them.  The crematoriums were also very depressing.  The fact that they had to make more in the same building as the gas chambers just reminded me of the countless people that died.  It just made me think of how cruel people can be.

     After the sad beginning of Monday, we finished our trip to Oberammergau and had a lovely dinner by a fire at a restaurant nearby.  Oberammergau was so beautiful with all the snow-capped mountains that surround it.  Our place was nice too.  We found a little shop there that actually had stuff that had "Gabi" spelled right!!! The woman was an "itch" with a "b" and didn't want to tell us what something on a mug said.  Then, I think she overheard Mom saying that if I could get her to say it, we could get something.  So, I put on my sweet voice and asked.  She told me that it meant "Gabi the strong."  I told Mom who replied by saying that she hoped the woman would overhear.  we didn't get anything, but she was rude so it's okay.

      On Tuesday, we rode cable car up to the top of Zugspitze, the tallest mountain un Germany.  It was awesome!  When we got to the top, we could see mountains all around.  It was spectacular!  On the way down, the cable car went fast a couple of times and it so fun!

      We then spent one more night at Sue and Mo's and then in Ramstein.  In th airport in Ramstein, I dropped a Cinnibon in my lap, so I had that stain for the rest of the flight.  It was especially upsetting when I saw an attractive young man ;)  Oh, and when we landed, people were waiting to greet us since it was a military flight.  One nice man was giving out little care packages with snacks and a thank you for your service note with a little card from a girl scout troop.  I passed him and then Tim, who was behind me, takes it.  He deserves it, but it's funny because it was for active military and of course Tim would do that.  It was very funny!  The flight seemed faster going back.  I really missed the boys, but other than that, the trip felt like it was only a day long.  Then, i remember all of the things we did and it's truly amazing.  I had a wonderful time!

Things I forgot to mention:

  • Sue and Mo's cat, Ivy, licked me when I pet her :)
  • We took probably over 2,000 pictures!
  • I broke a nutella jar in an Italian grocery store in Salerno

So long and farewell from this blog,

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