Monday, April 2, 2012

Paris: Part Deux

The lines were too long to go into the Louvre and climb the Eiffel Tower, so we didn't do that. We still had fun observing the architecture of the outside of the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower from below.

We had lunch and my burger came with an egg on it which made me laugh. Before dinner I did Tim's hair. Then, for dinner, we had yummy kebobs. And for dessert, pastries :) Mmmmmm! Oh and creme brulee for lunch's dessert ;)

Last night we had a nice dinner. I had the French version of a Caeser salad which had romaine hearts, a piece of bacon, tomatoes (I asked them to skip those, but git them anyway which is fine because I just ate around them), sardines (luckily they did exlude these when i asked them too), a horseradishy dressing, and a whole chicken breast. It was pretty good though. We had fantastic creme brulee for dessert then walked to a crepe place where I got a nutella and banana crepe. It was delicious! Mom and Tim got a jam and banana one that they didn't like as much. They were going to get a fruit and cheese one, but the guy laughed and said it woukdn't be good which it apparently wasn't anyway. The jam WITH the bananas was still a Mom and Tim concoction lol.

I have been a little shy with my French though I have asked multiple times for directions. The only issue is that people's responses aren't within my vocabulary limits. It's a good thig that pointing is universal! Everyone is very nice contrary to Tim's previous beliefs. They help and three women have even asked to helped or helped without us asking them.

Off to Amsterdam tomorrow. But, for now, nighty night from Paris :)

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